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Stephen Cornwell  surrealist

Artist Statement

I guess most of us are fascinated by dreams, and things we really don’t understand and I’m no different. I find it exciting and challenging attempting to visualise unlikely, unworldly possibilities and for me, the notion of visually interpreting the unexplained fits perfectly within the Surrealism genré.


Born in Newcastle Australia and graduated with a

Degree in Fine Arts and also a Degree in Education.
Taught as an Art teacher for just a couple of years before relocating to Adelaide
From the late 90's to 2019 I periodically lectured in design institutes teaching design principles, user-centric design thinking,
and applied design process.
In 1999 I establishing a boutique Advertising and Design Agency with my founding partner. We closed our a
gency between the GFC
and the Global Pandemic.

In 2019, I started investing the majority of my time in developing my personal artwork.
I’ve previously produced large canvas works with acrylics and mixed media... and I
still paint but given my intensive design experience with 2D digital media, I’ve made digital creations my primary method of artistic expression.


CV  (art)


Finalist in the 66th BLAKE PRIZE.
1st SOLO exhibition in Adelaide.
I leased an animated 1/2 hour loop

of my animations to a Melbourne

company for outdoor projects.
Exhibited in "The_Main_Gallery"

Adelaide CBD.


Finalist in the Bluethumb Art Awards
Featured Artist in Its Liquid International Art Publication


Exhibited in the curated

"Walking with Giants" Exhibition at Boomer Gallery London
Exhibited in a group exhibition at

Metamorphosis Art Gallery

Western Australia

Participated in SALA

"South Australia Living Artist" Event

At this stage, I am unrepresented. 

Thank you for being interested in my artwork :-)

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